"I can´t teach you something – I can only help you to discover it within."

The transfer and discovery of know-how to your company is the objective of every in-house-seminar.

You determine the focus – I design the appropriate course
We analyze your training needs and offer you a selection of specific in-house training solutions. My seminar modules are designed to meet your individual needs for customized training.
Content, volume and course level are adapted to the participants' previous experience.

The amount of time required for comprehensive training will be minimized. In-house training allows you to save on commuter time and hotel costs for the participants.
The prices for in-house trainings are all-inclusive, depending on course duration, number of participants and location. Thus I will provide you with definite accounting parameters.
Of course, all of our in-house offers include a detailed course documentation to support and review the presented subject matter.
If need arises, we will help you find suitable training facilities in a seminarhotel near you.
Please feel free to contact me to design a customized training for you.

"If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney


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